Flex Program

We offer the perfect hybrid program to support your student's individual needs while completing their classroom assignments.  Our adaptive learning specialist guides students through their curriculum and provides supplemental activities to create an active learning experience.  Behavior supports are provided to decrease maladaptive behaviors,  and to encourage engagement.  Social-Emotional lessons are incorporated throughout the day to increase social awareness, self regulation and coping skills.


Open to school age learners of all abilities

Early Learning - Preschool

Our Early Learning Program offers a Montessori style classroom with a focus on Natural Environment Teaching (NET).  Our curriculum is  designed to increase cooperation, social and language skills.  

Full Time and Part Time Options Available

Year round schedule

Open to children of all abilities ages 2 - 6.

Social Skills

Our social groups are focused on increasing positive peer relationships.  Your child will participate in activities and projects that promote flexible social problem solving. 


We're working on...

Making friends, body language, conversation skills, coping strategies, increasing age appropriate leisure skills, identifying feelings, and perspective taking.