ABA Therapy

At Link to Learn we believe that every child is capable of meaningful learning when provided the right tools and support.  We want your child to recognize their potential and be the best and happiest version of THEMSELVES!


We create individualized therapy goals to work on reducing barriers to learning in traditional settings.  Your child will work one on one with a trained behavior technician to target skills that help your child navigate the world with greater success!

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Social Groups

Our social groups are focused on increasing positive peer relationships.  Your child will participate in activities and projects that promote flexible social problem solving. 


We target...

Making friendsBody languageConversation skills, Coping strategiesIncreasing age approriate leisure skills, identifying feelings, and perspective taking.

School Transition

This program is best for children that need additional school readiness support.  We focus on Natural Environment Teaching (NET) and work to increase skills across instructors and settings.  This program model incorporates age peers to increase the skills needed to move into a more traditional learning environment.

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Diagnostic Testing

Our clinicians are trained to administer a variety of assessments that are used to identify Autism and other developmental delays.  Assessments can be done with children as young as 18 months of age.  If you have concerns about your child's development, we are happy to guide you through the diagnostic process.

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We currently work with the following insurance carriers:


United Healthcare



IN Medicaid (traditional)


For children diagnosed with Autism, ABA therapy services may be covered by health insurance as outlined by your specific policy

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