ABA Therapy

One to one therapuetic instruction for children on the Autism Spectrum

Focused on a variety of targets to increase transition skills and decrease barriers to learning.

We offer two center based models of therapy:


     (10 - 25 hours per week)



     (25 - 35 hours per week)

  *All therapy models include caregiver support and training

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Speech / OT 

If your child is already working with a Speech Therapist and/or Occupational Therapist we can work with them to maximize the benefits of these therapies.


If your child is in need of speech or OT we can help you secure these services through our collaboration with TOTS. 

Call us today to learn how we combine speech and ABA to build better language and communication across domains!

School Consultation

Support provided by trained behavior professionals working with your child's school team to ensure continuity of care.  We can assist with writing behavior plans and provide training on BIP implementation.  We  attend IEP meetings and provide effective strategies for reaching goals in the classroom.


We accept:

United Healthcare



Traditional IN Medicaid

For children with Autism, therapy services may be covered by health insurance as outlined by the specific policy