Social Workshops - Starting Jan. 11th, 2020

Does your child have anxiety, fear social situations, struggle with conversation skills, have challenges with anger or self-esteem?  We're here to help! 


Open to anyone, these social groups are perfect for grades 1st - 7th! Children will be placed into age-appropriate groups.


It's the most important component to learning social skills.  Lots of children can appropriately discuss what they should do, but they have difficulty putting these skills into place.  We work with your child and meet them where they are to build a foundation for pro-social behavior with peers.

Your child will be included in setting goals for their own social development and we'll help them track their progress along the way.  We aim for our groups to be a safe space with a positive, relaxed and fun environment for your child to grow!

What We Work On


Our social workshops* are focused on increasing pro-social and positive relationship building skills.  Your child will participate in activities and projects that promote flexible social problem solving.                                                             *children will be paired with age-appropriate peers

Our Next Workshop Starts Jan. 11th, 2020 and continues into March!


$90 per month, or $75 per month if you pay for the entire session

To register for a group or to learn more: